James J. Ruth

James J. Ruth

Actor, Worldbuilder, Technician, Charity Founder, Storyteller


I’m an intrepid explorer traversing the many crossroads of technology and storytelling. From the most intimate table-top settings to the largest theatrical productions, I believe in the magic that unfurls when one discovers something about themselves and the world-at-large through live performance.

Past Collaborators and Select Reviews

“We can't do theatre without a person like you, James”

Elena Araoz
Producing Artistic Director, Princeton

"I have to give a special shout-out to James J Ruth who played the extremely taxing (physically and vocally) role of the Bat Boy. James was fully committed to the role every single second on stage and turned in a truly amazing performance."

Richard Biever
Professor & Director at Penn State

"​​Rarely if ever are the enigmatic and mystical [entity] of... Dramaturg discussed in write-ups; they are the unsung heroes that move the production along, often the left and right hand of the Director. A level-103 Dramaturg...James Ruth, respectively, moves the production along with great expedience. "

Amanda Gunther
Theatre Bloom

"​James Ruth made balance adjustments and lined up the feeds in real time [which] only enhanced the excitment - and long-missed experience - of live performace, where aynthing can happen. The result was wildly imaginative, musically powerful, and technically couragous."

Joanne Sydney Lessner
Opera News

"​James Ruth as the Serial Barber, of Fleet Street. This role is a mix of Dave Vanian, Heathcliff, and Jeff Dahmer – but Ruth claims ownership of the role with low key confidence.  I’ve seen a lot of variations on the demon barber, but he seems to find his place as an actor (and singer) at the eye of the tornado."

John Barry 


"James Ruth delivers a very energetic and heart-felt performance as Harold Hill, he is reminiscent very much of a young Ray Bolger in every way."

Roman Gusso 
Showbiz Radio

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